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My name is Lamin Ceesay but I'm called Lams. For some time now I've been offering good value tours to visitors in The Gambia. The tours are made in small groups, sometimes down to only two people, which promises more personal and flexible tours than the big tour operators can offer.

The destinations I offer on my tours span almost all of The Gambia as well as neighbouring Senegal. I have also put together tours to Guinea-Bissau. There are half day tours and tours that take up to four days.

All prices are in Gambian DALASI, GMD. Click here to convert them to the currency of your choice.

Tours i offer

If you want to experience The Gambia, you have come to the right place

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4WD offroad

Price: 2700 GMD

4WD offroad

I am able to offer almost any of the tours as 4Wheel-drive tours. We try to stay as far away from roads as possible and experience the countryside in the Gambia. If you dare, you will drive yourself when we drive in line through the terrain in the countryside.

We drive to the monkey park, crocodile pool in bakau, sere kunda market , batik factory. We can also make a schoolvisit and a local family visit in the village. We will have lunch on beautiful paradise beach.

Please contact me for more information about the 4X4 expericene.

Fathala Reserve

Price: 5500 GMD

Fathala Reserve

The Fathala Reserve is a park in north Senegal. We start our journey at 7:30 in the morning to cross the Gambia river by ferry and then continue toward Karang just across the Senegalese border. We stop in the village of Toubacouta in Fathala. It is possible to see a lots of animals in the park such as lions, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, water buffaloes, rhinos, birds, and much more. We will be driving around in the reserve in our four wheel drive, that way we can come really close to the animals.

Visit and take a walk with the Lions (Contact me for special price if you like to visit the lions).

* Because the lions have become so big, I can not guarantee your safety and will therefore not be able to offer lion walks during the season 2016/2017.
There is no need for European visitors to apply for VISA

Tour include complimentary food and beverages

River excursions

Price: 2300GMD

River excursions

Gambia River Excursions has a vast range of half day excursions in the Greater Banjul area. My excursions are departing from Denton Bridge in Banjul and ending in Lamin Lodge. Minimum of 2 persons.

Independent travellers might prefer to take Lamin Lodge as both their point of departure and of arrival. Alternatively they may decide to join one of the scheduled trips leaving from Denton Bridge.

Birds and Breakfast excursion
One of my most popular trips is the Birds and Breakfast excursion, which is scheduled on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays. After a quick coffee in Lamin Lodge, you will enter a dugout canoe who will take you through the vast labyrinth of creeks that surround the village of Lamin, where more then 70 different species of water birds have been recorded. Two hours later you will return to Lamin Lodge where you can enjoy a breakfast buffet. After breakfast you will continue your search for morning birds in the gardens of the neighbouring village of Abuko.

Sunset Cruise
Another favourite is the Sunset Cruise, leaving from Denton Bridge every Monday, wednesday, and sunday at 4.30 p.m. After a welcome drink on board you will cruise for 1. hours through the mangroves of the River Gambia. A small band playing traditional kora music makes the magic of an African sunset complete. Upon arrival in Lamin Lodge you'll be standed a tasty buffet of both African and European specialities. The evening will be completed by the performance of Mandinka dancers and drummers who will invite you to share their cultural heritage with them. Who dares to dance ...

Tendaba Camp

Price: 6000 GMD

Tendaba Camp

Originally built in the 1970's as a hunting camp, Tendaba now attracts more people wielding binoculars than rifles! The camp is located opposite the Baobolong Wetlands around 150 km up river - a Ramsar site of international importance for birds. A boat trip through the mangrove creeks may uncover such species as Blue-Breasted Kingfisher, Pel's Fishing Owl or the African Finfoot.

Here it will be possible for you to see a real part of The Gambia, far from the tourist areas. The rooms are simple but clean and well looked after. We use their "VIP rooms" which means you will have an en-suite shower and WC. The restaurant food is good and true to their logo, bush pig is frequently featured on the menu.

We will spend two nights in the camp and on the way home we will make an interesting visit to the former airport terminal in Tendaba.

Tour include complimentary food and beverages, and some hunting.


Price: 10 000 GMD


At 7:00 we will depart and head south, through Senegal, for Guinea-Bissau and one guaranteed different experience. Our destination is the village of Sao Domingos where we'll visit the market and have a look around the town. We'll have lunch in a good restaurant.

Before departure you will need to get a visa stamp at the Bissauian embassy in Banjul. This tour is all inclusive so the visa fee is included in the price for the tour as well as all meals.

Tour include complimentary food and beverages


Price: 30000 GMD / 4 pax


We start at 7:30 in the morning and head for the Banjul ferry terminal where we will cross the river to Barra. From there we will head east along the north river bank. You'll get the chance to see some of The Gambia's nature and wildlife, meet people and see villages. For those who like birds there will be chances to see anything from cranes to sunbirds.

We will make a visit to the Wassu stone circles and a river trip where you may spot hippos, crocodiles and baboons. We will then spend the night at the Jangjang-bureh camp. The camp has cozy rooms with running water, toilets and beds with mosquito nets.

On day 2 we leave the camp after breakfast to visit Georgetown. You will se the local market as well as the old slave house. We'll be back home at around 7-8 pm.

With a chance to spot hippos, baboons and crocodiles
Tour include beverages, minimum is 4 persons


Price: 3000 GMD

Roots James Island

This is a very populuar trip to the home of Kunta Kinteh. We start at 8:00 in the morning and head for the Banjul ferry terminal where we will cross the river to Barra. From there we will go to visit James Island, the infamous center for slaves some 200 years ago.

Today the island is a part of UNESCO's world heritage, just like the pyramids and other big buildings and areas that is important to save for the future.

Tour include complimentary food and beverages


Price: 2000 GMD


This is a trip to the Makasutu park just 45 minutes away. On the tour we'll see a lot of baboons and different birds. We will meet a fortune teller and it's also possible to make a boat trip on the Gambia river for 45 minutes and then back to the park.

We also visit the palm wine tapper where you will be able to try the palm wine called jungle juice. In Makasutu there will be cultural dancing after lunch. On our way back we also visit King Kombo where they make alcohols from fruits with different flavours.

Tour include complimentary food and beverages

Cooking classes

Price: Contact me for price

New for this season

Cooking classes

Have you tasted a lovely African meal and want to know how to cook it? Now you have the opportunity,This year I offer cookingclasses for you, your friends and / or family. Together with Mariama you will go to the market and buy the ingredients. Afterwards you will be cooking together in a nice, clean and modern kitchen. Take the opportunity to visit an Gambian family, share a meal and have a great time

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Drum- and dance-classes

Price: 500 GMD

Drum- and dance-classes

Take the chance to fulfill your dreams, learn how to play the djembe and to dance. This year I'm organizing these classes together with professional drummers and dancers. This can be arranged for both small and large groups, both children and adults are welcome.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

SOS Childvillage

Price: 500 GMD

SOS Childvillage

Half day trip to the SOS childvillage. A guide will show you around in the village and tell about SOS childvillage work inte The Gambia. If you have som clothes or schoolmaterial you can bring them and give them to SOS.

Thank's to SOS childvillage alot of children from The Gambia in need gets help.

Other Services

Shuttle from the airport and internet café

Internet Café

For your convenience Lamstours has it's own internetcafé . If you want to use the wi-fi for your own laptop, tablet etc you can buy a code instead . We clean the keyboards with handsanitizer every day and we also have handsanitizer available for our customers

Airport transfer

If you require transfer to or from the airport I will personally arrange that for you for 950 Dalasi. contact me for booking.

Money exchange

I am able to exchange money at a good rate. You may for example find this useful when going on a trip to Senegal where you will need CFA francs. (If you don't have Dalasi upon arrival I will be able to exchange for a good rate.)

Help a child

Are you interested in helping a child in The Gambia?


Chigambas is an nonprofit association based in Sweden and our goal is to raise the quality of life for poor children and to defend their rights .Chigambas means : Children In Gambia Base. You can read more about us on : www.chigambas.se Where you will find all the information you need to help supporting a child in The Gambia.


Contact me

Feel free to send a message if you have any questions

If you have questions or if you wish to make a reservation for a tour, don't hesitate to contact me. The easiest way is to send me an e-mail.

If you are in The Gambia you can also look me up in Kotu. Look for a big sign that says "Welcome to Lams" near the Jewel of India bar and restaurant. Try not to ask for directions as there is the risk of some bumsters leading you to the wrong place or pretending to be me, instead see the map to the right on where to find me.

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